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Functional and Comfortable Office Building, Located in Front of Meguro Station

Meguro, where is located close to Shibuya and Shinagawa.
The former being a place where people representing the culture of their times have always been gathered, and the latter currently attracting people’s attention as a new place of foothold in Tokyo.
The location and variety of public transport to the center of Tokyo support the potential of the business leading ahead of others.

The building facade facing the station and the streets establishing a new look represents for Meguro.

Easily accessible by the JR line and three subway lines to the Meguro station, it is the location for a business base.

Route from the station


Location3-1-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Number of floors2 below ground, 27 above gorund, 2 tower floors
StructureSteel Structure, part steel reinforced concrete structure / reinforced concrete structure (Seismic control structure)
Maximum Height125.55m (Office Tower)
Site Area11,674.37m2
Total Floor Space127,600.38m2 (Entire building complex)
73,170.42m2 (Office Tower)
54,429.96m2 (Residential facility: North Residence)
Floor Configuration3rd floor (Entrance hall) 5th - 27th (Offices)
Ceiling Height2,800mm
Raised Floorh=100mm
Floor Load(General area) 500kg/m2
(Heavy duty zone) 1,000kg/m2
Private Floor Space(Lower floors) 1,776.58m2
(Higher floors) 1,841.31m2
Rental Divisions4 divisions
Ceiling System600 x 600 grid ceiling system
LightingLED lighting (Desktop average illumination 700lx)
Electric CapacityOutlet capacity 50VA/m2
Air-conditioning EquipmentCentral heat source and VAV system
Security InstallationsCard reader installed at the all door (1 installed in each of the 4 divisions)
Disaster Prevention FunctionsITV cameras installed in each elevator, security guard on-site 24 hours a day, Emergency power generators, space for tenants’ emergency power generators, Fixed power supply from cogeneration units in times of power outage.
OthersTwo 700kw cogeneration units, use of waste heat (Cooling, heating, hot water supply)
Number of Elevators(Lower level bank) 3rd, 5th - 17th floor: 6 with a capacity of 24 people
(Higher level bank) 3rd, 17th - 27th floor: 6 with a capacity of 24 people
(Emergency use (people / cargo)): 2 with a capacity of 24 people and 4 with a capacity of 15 people
ParkingRegular parking space: 10 vehicles
Mechanical parking system: 158 vehicles (For monthly and hourly parking)
Design / Construction(Basic Design) Nihon Sekkei, Inc.
(Implementation Design) Taisei Corporation and Takenaka Corporation design consortium Party responsible for office building. Takenaka Corporation.
(Construction) Taisei Corporation and Takenaka Corporation construction consortium Party responsible for office building. Takenaka Corporation.
Planned CompletionEnd of November, 2017