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Office Spec

Substantial specifications, which give a visually and physically pleasing office environment.

Office space with natural lighting on 3 sides, and a depth of 15.4-16.0m. Has a spacious ceiling height of 2,800mm.
LED lights are installed throughout the grid ceiling system. Dimming controls with brightness and human sensors are also installed.
Indoor heat load is reduced by high-heat shielding / insulating double glazing, simple airflow and external vertical louvers on the east and west sides.
Electric blinds that can be collectively controlled on each span and floor to shield the sunlight and show the view.
A manual natural ventilation system is installed on the east and west sides and part of the north side. Ventilation is possible in the event of a power outage.
The raised floor has a height of 100mm, and enables the flexible layout of wiring and other infrastructure under the floor.
The floor load is 500kg/m2. The heavy duty zone floor load is 1,000kg/m2.
* Raised floor: 300kg
The office outlets have an electric capacity of 50VA/m2 to support an advanced electrical environment and a large amount of equipment.
The lights and air-conditioning outlets are installed in 3.6m x 3.6m modules, and the system allows for flexible partition settings.
Two places on each floor, and equipment balconies installed. Supports the installation of separate air-conditioners.
From smoking rooms (* optional) to wide female toilet booths, a wide range of selection is available.
The waste heat from the common use generator Cogeneration is used for cooling and heating, and the hot water supply.

Air-conditioning System / Lighting Control System

By combining air conditioning units (AHU) and VAV (variable air volume) devices, the temperature on each floor can be controlled precisely in 46 zones. A hot and cold water four-pipe system makes it possible to switch between heating and cooling in the perimeter zones and the interior zones. Light blinkers and human sensors can be installed in the smallest module partition units of 3.6m x 3.6m, and the partitions support a flexible layout. Energy can be saved by installing daylight sensors which detect the brightness of the natural light and adjust the strength of the lights accordingly.

Air-conditioning System / Lighting Control System

A pleasant office environment created through the effective use of natural light and wind.

Energy is saved through the use of natural light and natural ventilation from "pericounters". while air supply and exhaustion is conducted by air conditioners.

Floor cross-sectional view

Floor cross-sectional view

The Eco Shaft vault facilitates natural ventilation due to the stack effect.

External air is taken in through the natural ventilation system, and office ventilation is facilitated by the core vault (Eco Shaft). The system conducts gravity ventilation in windless conditions.

Eco shaft conceptual diagram

Eco shaft conceptual diagram

Multiple security levels with a contactless IC card.

A contactless IC cacd authentcation system is installed at the 3rd floor office entcance gate, and at the entcance of each office. A multiple security line can be established. Also, when the floor is left for the last time, the elevator non-stop setting is activated. thereby increasing the level of security.

Security gate conceptual diagram

Security gate conceptual diagram


A wide floor structure, designed in pursuit of office functionality and smooth flow.

standard floor (20-27 floor) plan view

Easy to layout square floor plan and highly functional environment

Our functional floor plan consolidates public facilities at the center of the floor and places office spaces around them. Each office space is shaped squarely, enabling placement of office equipment without wasting space.

A smooth approach from the B1 floor parking lot to the 3rd floor office entrance, Which is fitted wifh flap gates.

To enable smooth flow around the offices, there is an escalator for 1st-3rd floors, 12 elevators with each having a capacity of 24 people between the 3rd and 27th floors, and a direct elevator from B1 parking lot to the 3rd floor entrance.